As a trusted supplier to a range of businesses in a variety of industries, Integrated Air Systems Ltd has positioned itself ahead of the competition through the integration of full automated waste handling processes.

  • Full user control over extraction system through auto or manual modes.
  • A recognised integrator for Kawasaki robotics*.
  • Automatic pallet handling for bale stacking.
  • Pallet transport system with automatic strapping system.

In partnership with Kawasaki Robotics, Integrated Air Systems Ltd have designed and installed a number of fully automated bale handling and conveyance systems.

Typically, automation includes a custom designed bale transport system, purpose built bale lifting clamp and robotic arm; automated measuring and bale stacking, pallet feed and transport system.

As a result of the strong relationships we have developed with our supply chain we have been able to engineer for our clients, solutions which reduce the requirement for human and manual handling intervention. This reduces the requirement for human resources required and provides extra revenue through costs saved.

System automation provides additional Health & Safety benefits, removing the need for staff to handle any potentially hazardous material or operate potentially hazardous equipment, giving you peace of mind that Integrated Air Systems Ltd has got all aspects of waste extraction covered.

Common Uses: Baled Can Scrap Production Waste

Potential Uses: Anywhere with baled waste.

If you think your company could benefit, would like a site survey or have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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