Heat Recovery and Process Water Pumping Systems

Many industries aim to reduce their ecological footprint by minimizing energy consumption, large amounts of energy are often lost through stack exhausts especially when the air temperature is very high, above 150C for example. Likewise, there are many industrial processes which use water for cooling purposes from which heat is usually extracted and then dissipated to atmosphere through air coolers, this heat can be used elsewhere in plants.

Air to water and water to water heat exchangers can be used to recover significant amounts of energy in such applications and reduce plant running costs.

The same principle applies to ventilation systems, heat exchangers can be incorporated into our designs, this reduces gas consumption by recycling energy from the exhaust air to pre heat the incoming air into the plant or office space.

Integrated Air Systems Ltd design, supply, install, project manage and commission these types of systems all around the world, ranging from dry air cooling process water systems, chilled water process cooling systems, HVAC heat recovery, stack exhaust heat recovery to name but a few.

Each client's requirement is treated as a bespoke case, Integrated Air Systems Ltd aims to guide their clients and advise them on the savings they could achieve, and this in turn helps them to reduce their ecological footprint.

Integrated Air Systems Ltd, fabricates and installs pump skids and complete pumping systems for use in the above mentioned processes. Integrated Air Systems Ltd can supply from bare-shaft pumps to complete pump systems incorporating suction manifolds, discharge manifolds, valves, instrumentation and full control panel systems. The packaged units come pre-wired, pre-piped and are easy to install, and sizes can range from small to large flows depending on customer requirements.