Often in industrial processes, excess heat can create the need for good ventilation and cooling facilities. In contrast, buildings can get incredibly cold in winter and need a temperate increase. Integrated Air Systems Ltd provide a cost effective industrial ventilation solution which is based solely on your requirements.

  • Remove heat from manufacturing processes.
  • Ensure clean air throughout the facility.
  • Recycle heat from one point to another (see heat recovery).
  • Temperature control for product quality.
  • Destratification systems utilizing warm air.

In an industrial sense manufacturing processes can often result in a large build-up of heat, sometimes in excess of 150 degrees. Integrated Air Systems Ltd industrial ventilation not only cools down the process and the surrounding area but reuses this heat in other areas of the building, for example, office space, resulting in energy and cost savings.

Typically, an air handling unit (AHU) is mounted towards the top of the facility coupled with a ducting system, these units process the air as required and it is distributed effectively throughout the facility via the ducting and out through air vents. The building is maintained under positive pressure so as to remove the risk of contamination from air flow into the facility from outdoors.

We can provide industrial sized roof exhaust fans which, coupled with an air input system can provide an incredibly cost-effective and timely way to solve summer time cooling issues. In more extreme cases we can provide your facility with evaporative coolers, which can rapidly cool hot air much quicker than the traditional method of refrigeration.

Common Uses: Anywhere that needs warming up, cooling down or a good air flow.

Companies which have utilized our services previously include Ball Packaging, Rexam, DS Smith, De La Rue, and Craftec.