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Crown Bootle

Conveyor Fume Extraction

The conveyor line where tin cans are heat treated only had extraction catered for half of the line therefore additional extract was required for the second half. This was to ensure that any fumes from the heat treatment were captured and removed from the plant’s internal air, providing an effective solution to a potentional hazard.

This was achieved by installing a retro fitted extraction hood that currently sits approximately 500 mm above the tin conveyor and as close as possible to the slide access doors enabling optimum capture of the fumes. Ducting was then be run from two spigots on the top of the hood and run to a central position where they meet and form into a larger ducting system which is connected to the exhaust fan and supported using the existing steel work frames. The duct system runs to the outside of the factory via the roof with an inline pod silencer included for noise reduction. This solution provided the necessary extraction of the fumes from the air which machine operators would be breathing, ensuring the safety off staff whilst maintaining compliance with all environmental requirements.