Air System Modification Works

Printing Industry

Integrated Air Systems was commissioned to design and implement an extraction system for a new Ferag Unidrum and Trimmer for a large printing factory based in the North West of the UK. The previous system we installed in 2003 and needed to be adapted to the accommodate the new expansion.

Key Considerations

We added a booster fan into the system to account for the additional, required air volume needed by the new Unidrum and the increased pressure drop across the system. A new electrical panel was also provided for the new drive set. We also fitted a temporary manual valve during the initial set up to keep trim extraction active on other production lines whilst the works were undertake.

  • Booster fan


Our clients were happy with the outcome. We cause minimal impact on the factory’s day to day running, and our system is running efficiently.

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Our clients choose Integrated Air Systems because they know that, whether they ask us to modify their existing industrial ventilation system to meet new requirements, or they need an entirely new air filter system designing from scratch, we can help.

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