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Beverage Can Industry

With over 50 years combined experience, integratedAIR Systems are market leaders in aluminium and steel scrap extraction systems for the beverage can making industry. Supplying systems for the two-piece beverage can and can ends production lines.

Our systems are tried, tested and trusted. This is thanks to the fact that we are the partner of choice for many of the world-leading can manufacturers, such as Ball Packaging, Crown Packaging, Ardagh, Kazalpack, Orora, Visypak, Pakistan Aluminium Beverage.


Aluminium – which is lightweight, adaptable, and impermeable – is widely used as a raw material in manufacturing beverage cans. Beverage aluminium cans have on average recyclable content of 70%, whereas plastic sits around 3 -10%. With this in mind, consumer preferences are changing towards less plastic packaging, which is why manufacturing companies are looking to move away from plastic and towards aluminium as the more eco-friendly root for containing goods.

At integratedAIR Systems we can design, supply and install systems such as aluminium trim extraction, which can then be taken away to be recycled and reused to make more beverage cans. There is no limit to the number of times aluminium can be recycled.

Other Systems We Supply to in the Beverage Can Industry:

Factory, process related make up air systems
Decorator over varnish reclaim and fume extraction
Decorator inker and gear automated cooling water systems
Ventilation and spot cooling systems
IBO and pin oven exhaust stacks
Hot gas roof mounted ducting systems

Bodymaker Heat Recovery

Often the bodymaker area is the coolest part of the plant, as heat generated from this system is less than others. As part of a conscious effort to look at ways to reuse energy otherwise going to waste, we have designed a bodymaker heat recovery system to use the waste energy from the bodymaker to spot-heat the operators. This is a small, pre-assembled and easy to install system.