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Commercial Print and Paper Industry

Automated paper waste removal and collection can have a major impact on safety and production efficiency. Without its removal, paper waste can be a fire hazard or increase risks to health and safety. It can also clog presses, folders and guillotines, reducing efficiency as it increases operating costs.

When designing our systems, we make sure that our ducting has the correct conveyance velocity to enable the waste to be removed quickly from the source. Whether removing paper or dust we make sure that your systems comply with environmental dust limits put in place whatever your location.

integratedAIR Systems boasts over 50 years of combined experience working in the paper industry, making our superior expertise in safety second to none, with trusted industry connections with giants such as DS Smith, De La Rue and Bluetree Group.

Benefits of Waste Extraction to the Print and Paper Industry

When collected from factory processes, waste paper can be recycled five to seven times. After this, it can be made into a paper paste to make other products, such as newspapers or cartons. Our systems will make your factory more efficient, clean and environmentally friendly by collecting trim created in the manufacturing of magazines, books, brochures and newspapers. This trim will then be taken away to be stored, ready to be recycled.

Solutions integratedAIR Systems Supply:

Summer / Winter Diverters
Ventilation Systems
Process Cooling Systems
Custom-built Hoods
Air Separators and Rotary Airlock Valves
Duct Work
Sound Booths
Chopper Fans
Dust and Filtration Systems
Edge Trim handling Systems