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Corrugated Card Trim Extraction at Nuttall Packaging


We have been working with Nuttall Packaging since 2004 helping with the ongoing development of trim and dust extraction with in their manufacturing process. Nuttall contacted us to help with trim extraction of their new machinery.

Key Considerations

  • Over time machines have been upgraded and new machines installed. The air systems should be configured to ensure maximum efficiency whilst reducing unnecessary over energy usage.
  • Nosie levels needed to be considered.


The corrugated card trim extraction system is required to expand and accommodate the new press die cutting waste. New ducting has been installed to connect the new system to the existing system. A booster fan has also been added to accommodate all the trim extraction systems volume whilst accounting for the pressure drop across a dust filter that the client bought separately and added to the system. (Not an Integrated Air Systems Ltd filter)

Machinery used less frequently has been put on a separate air system to keep running cost down as it is only turned on when needed. Before, it was part of the whole system and extracted even when the machine was not operational.

We added a summer-winter divert to recycle the air taken from the process area via the trim extraction system. This means heating the factory in the cooler months is not as expensive and also help maintain positive pressure within the building. In turn keeping heating costs down and saving money. The diverter can also be used as a cooling aid in the summer.


Our long-term client is happy with the results and content knowing that the new updates will make the systems run efficiently and reduce running costs.

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