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Hot, Sprays and Cold Ducting System

For Valencia Canning Plant

integratedAIR Systems was commissioned to design, manufacture and implement an above-roof hot, sprays and cold ducting system as part of a collaboration with DÜRR to better serve our end client's requirements for a VOC abatement system.

What is a VOC abatement treatment? 

Effectively it is a process which refines Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which in this case is in the exhausted air from the manufacturing process, allowing the air to be purified. VOCs in the exhaust gases can be targeted and combusted at specific temperatures to then safely release the gas into the atmosphere.


integratedAIR’s Process 

Our client needed to clean the air currently going out into atmosphere in its industrial process to keep within its local environmental guidelines and help reduce its environmental impact. The system is required to handle hot gas flows from the two can-making lines in the Valencia plant and the VOC/Dust contaminated exhaust air. Before designing the system, we completed a site visit to confirm the “as running” flows of all the systems to cross-check against the original design and ensure alignment between the outlet stacks and future ducting.


Key Considerations

  • Load on the roof: to combat the additional load on the roof, our client provided stubs for our steelwork so that our integratedAIR Team could install the ductwork.Supports from the ducting down to the beams have thermal breaks to ensure energy is not transferred into the supports and building.
  • Leakage: flanged joints with slipped ends have also been used throughout to ensure no leakage from the system.
  • Temperature changes: provisions have also been made for expansion due to temperature changes in the metal.
  • Heat loss and condensation: on the outside, to minimise heat loss and condensation, the ducting has been insulated and weather protected using mineral wool followed by an aluminium/zinc coated steel cladding.


Hot and Cold Duct Systems 

We previously installed stacks which take the hot exhaust air out to the atmosphere via stacks. In this project, we phased in the hot ductwork from the stacks to transport the gas to the concentrator and into the regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) supplied by DÜRR to clean the air.


The hot duct system has access/ cleaning hatches equally spaced across the duct work to enable periodic internal inspection of the ducts, to clean if required, and to comply with NFPA 68 (Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting).


Sprays Duct System and Bag Filter Unit

The new external sprays ducting has been connected to the existing two exhaust stacks and runs along the roof to our bag filter unit before passing through the concentrator and RTO and back out to the atmosphere. The filter was designed in line with the high ST value of the lacquer dust as an ST3 rated filter.


Supply and fitting 

We ensured the air velocities were correct within the ducting to ensure a balanced system. Tees were supplied and fitted onto the existing stacks reusing the pre-existing jet caps. DÜRR supplied a manual balance valve and two dampers per stack for us to install; this enables the exhaust air to flow to the atmosphere or to the RTO and shut off the system completely.


Complete installation of the RTO, Filter and Concentrator to each stack was undertaken by our experienced fitters who installed the stacks and the HVAC system on this site.


integratedAIR Systems has designed, installed and commissioned many Hot Duct systems over the years. We have also worked within the beverage can-making industry for 20 years, giving us the experience and understanding of what is expected from our clients. Make integratedAIR Systems as your partner for your air conveyance­ needs and we’ll do the rest. Contact our Sales Team today.