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Operator Spot Cooling for Beverage Can Plant

Seville, Spain

We were commissioned by a beverage can plant in Seville, Spain, to add to their HVAC systems. We introduced spot cooling over their operator areas, making working in warm climates more bearable for employees.


Currently work environment is at uncomfortable temperature to work in. At the moment temperatures at floor level are around 30 degrees C rising up to 40 degrees + at mezzanine floor level.

Key Considerations

  • System needs to be situated at a level which is easier to maintain.
  • Extreme ambient temperatures
  • Grilles to he situated close to operator areas.
  • Install will take place while the production line is still running so need to work around operators.

Spot cooling system for operator areas using DX

This system will operate in place of a larger ventilation system. The benefit of using DX (direct expansion) is that comfort cooling can be introduced in the exact areas that the operators are working. This provides a pleasant working environment in these areas.

Condensing units will be placed on the roof or side of the building and piped to a coil unit within the plant at low level within the unit section. From the coil unit the air will be induced from within the plant and introduced to the worker areas through a ducted system via distribution grilles reducing the temperature where the operator is located to around 12deg less than the factory ambient.

These systems are easy to install, have relatively low running costs, can be individually controlled and operated and are efficient in as much as only the areas that operators are predominantly working in are required.


The operators and engineer manager were very happy with the outcome of the spot cooling system and will hopefully reap the benefits of its install more as we move forward into the summer.

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Spot Cooling System