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Shell Press Extraction and Sweep Up Hopper System

Czech Republic

integratedAIR Systems was selected to design and implement a shell press extraction and sweep up hopper system for a Can Factory in the Czech Republic. They are expanding their manufacturing line and needed a new system to keep up with supply demands. Efficient, well-designed scrap and waste removal systems are an essential part of high output production lines.

Key Considerations

  • Noise Levels. Due to the site being situated near local housing and the main part of the system being outside.
  • Future-proofing the ducting system (correct sizing and capabilities) for the potential growth of factory facilities.
  • The volume, pressure and balance of the shell press system should always remain at a designed set point. Therefore, the sweep up system and shells press system should be separate so the sweep up system will run when required and use less energy.

Shell Trim Extraction System

The shell trim system is positioned near the key waste generated area for the steel press system. The ducting system connected to the main header has rotation capabilities enabling easy access for maintenance. The ducting is connected to the primary header system that leads back to waste handling fans, which creates the correct volume, pressure, and conveying velocity within the system to keep the trim waste moving, enabling the waste removal system to remove the material from the source rapidly.

Hopper System

When required, the hopper system takes the imperfect containers through the ducting to the scrap conveyance system.


The noise levels were carefully considered, with extensive attenuation designed into the system. Our scrap conveyance system’s operating noise levels were kept below the required (permissible) levels. Space for future lines and growth on our system makes it quick and easy to extend the extraction when development comes. Separating the trim and hopper systems saves energy and keeps running costs down. Adding the moving ducting next to the Shell item system enables quick and efficient access for maintenance when required having minimal impact on the day to day running. The clients were pleased with the system as it runs efficiently, saves money and potential time for maintenance.

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