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Skeleton and Slugs Extraction System

integratedAIR Systems was recently asked to design, supply and commission a skeleton and slugs extraction system for a canning factory in Kentucky, USA.

What is skeleton Scrap?

The central circular part of the can end is called a ‘shell end’ AKA the Lid. The ring pull, the part you lift up to open the can, is referred to as the “tab”

Skeleton scrap (or ribbon scrap) is the excess aluminium left over when creating the ‘tab’ or ‘shell end’. The small parts punched out of the ‘tab’ are called the slugs (or slug and fisheye).

Skeleton Ends Scrap System. 

The skeleton scrap system extracts from one point on each conversion press and shell press. The scrap extracted is then transported through an air system to the baling area, where the conveying fans are positioned. These fans convey the skeleton scrap to an air separator that feeds the baler below via a drop chute.

We installed diverters to the outlets of the scrap stream so scrap can be directed to a by-pass tundish and sent to dump containers outside.

Slug Ends Scrap System. 

Slug scrap is extracted from one point on each conversion press and conveyed to the baling area through a second air system. The conveying fans are connected to the cyclone, allowing the small slugs to drop out of the airstream through cyclonic technology; the slugs drop out into a collection box below.  

Commissioning and Software support for system

This system was a supply only with a full package of installation manuals supplied to our client. A project and software engineer went to the site for commissioning to ensure efficiency before handover; this included a system check, functionality checks, calibration and balancing and HMI / system training.


The system was supplied on a tight schedule, collected within eight weeks, shipped to the US and installed within 16 weeks. The client was pleased with the system and project management.