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Steel And Aluminium Trim Recycling System

 in the Netherlands

integratedAIR Systems was commissioned to design and implement a steel and aluminium trim extraction system for a food canning factory in the Netherlands. There was no collection system from aluminium; therefore, a completely new recycling system was designed and installed next to the existing system.

Aluminium Trim Extraction  

The aluminium foil waste was collected from six sealing machines. The sealing machines punched out foil lids to be used on the steel containers. The web from the foil waste is continuous; therefore, it was imperative to cut the foil at the source before entering the pneumatic conveying system. Dedicated inline premium cutters were installed at each machine. The trim passes through the cutter connected up into the balanced ducting system, this is drawn into one single header of ducting and out to the external compactor.

Space was at a premium for the new aluminium trim extraction system. Therefore, as part of our design philosophy, it was based on a single new separator supported from a new frame with a multipurpose drop chute into the single compactor.

The design requires container changes and compactor maintenance with little stoppages in production. With this in mind, we designed an accumulation area within our system that will allow up to 4.8m3 of foil waste to collect while still operating, to not slow down production.

Steel Trim Extraction

As part of the expansion, we were also commissioned to design a system for steel trim extraction from four additional process machines and a sweep up hopper. The new system connected to the existing air separator and used hardback bends and a high tensile cutting fan to cope with the additional wear that steel causes. We called upon previous experience in these systems to ensure a quality system that will last was installed to a high standard.

Our Team enjoyed working on a new challenge and the client was very happy with the outcome. integratedAIR Systems are looking to working with them again soon on further development on their site.

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Steel And Aluminium Trim Recycling System