Industrial Dust Extraction

There are many types of materials that generate varying dusts dependant on the process the materials are subjected to. Some dusts can be hazardous to health and some can be explosive. Careful consideration and planning should be applied when considering such systems to efficiently remove dust from the working environment in a safe manner.

Integrated Air dust systems have designed, supplied, and installed such systems worldwide with over 100 years of combined engineering experience applied to the feasibility and design stages. The safety of working environment is more important than ever so with that in mind, do not delay, call integrated air systems today to arrange a free feasibility study and survey.

How does a Industrial Dust Extraction Filter Systems Work?

To be effective, your dust extraction system needs to be tailored to your processes (ie the dust being created) and the equipment you use. The starting point is application-specific dust collectors.

3D model of dust extraction system

Industrial processes vary so the collector may be a hood, a flat-bed vacuum system or an on-tool dust collector.

From here, the dust is extracted into the ductwork to industrial dust filters which filter the air, collect the dust and can then recycle clean air back into the workspace.

One problem for the typical industrial dust control filter is that it can very quickly become clogged, reducing efficiency as airflow reduces.

There is one common ways of addressing this:

Reverse Jet Pulse or Cartridge Filters

Reverse jet dust filters periodically blast the opposite side of the filter with a jet of air. The effect of reverse jet filters is much the same as for shaker dust collectors, with loosened material sent to a hopper, and the filter cleared to allow air to flow freely.

Dust extraction system fitted outside factory

What Are the Applications of Industrial Dust Extraction Systems?

Dust control filter systems are essential in any business where processes generate dust.

Most recently we have been designing systems for removing Aluminium, corrugated card and lacquer dust for companies such as Crown Packaging, Ball packaging, Trivium, DS Smith, Blutree group and more around the world. We can do the same for you.

Make Integrated Air Systems your trusted dust control partner.

To discuss your business and explore how we can help make your workplace safer and more efficient, contact us.

For practical advice on dust extraction, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) and how to comply with the law visit

Benefits of Industrial Dust Control Systems

Dust control systems: essential in helping you meet your safety, quality and environmental obligations

Protect Worker Health

Protect Quality

Protect Plant Machinery

Reduced Explosive Risk

Less Cleaning

Reduced Maintenance and Servicing

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