Oil Mist Elimination

Integrated Air Systems designs, manufactures and installs oil mist extraction systems that help create healthier people, products and processes. We also design and manufacture vacuum units for processes that require vacuum for conveyors to elevate there product to conveyors or belts above.

In many workplaces machine oil is used as the lubricant or coolant that keeps parts from wearing. Yet one of the inevitable by-products of pumps, compressors, turbines and other machines using oil is oil mist.

Oil mist can be a health hazard, reducing air quality within a workplace. It can damage the environment as it is released into the atmosphere. It can coat machinery, increasing the potential for breakdowns. And it can coat products, which can at best cause stains, and at worst can contaminate a product and make it unusable.

What’s more, oil that escapes in the form of mist reduces the amount of oil left within the cooling or lubricating system. Thousands of litres of oil can be lost from an installation over a period of a year due to oil mist emissions. The cost of replacing oil can be expensive and time consuming.

Oil mist eliminators (or oil smoke filters) extract the oil mist from the immediate vicinity of the machinery, which can benefit your staff, your products, your machinery and your business in a variety of ways.

Integrated Air systems have designed, supplied, and installed such systems worldwide with over 100 years of combined engineering experience applied to the feasibility and design stages. The safety of working environment is more important than ever so with that in mind, do not delay, call integrated air systems today to arrange a free feasibility study and survey.

How does an Oil Mist Extractor Work?

3D model of oil mist extraction system from above

Oil mist extraction systems eliminate up to 99.5% of oil particulates from equipment discharge. Integrated Air Systems’ oil mist extractors operate a 3 or 4 stage filtration system with replaceable elements. Oil collected by the filters can then be returned to the system, reducing oil waste and cutting operating costs.

In addition to the particulate filtration, we can also add activated carbon filters to the process to negate any odour in the air stream.

3D model of oil mist extraction system front view

What Are the Applications of Oil Mist Filtration Systems?

  • Wet can elevators
  • Bodymaker oil mist
  • Bodymaker to trimmer track vacuum oil mist
  • Cupper elevators
  • Aluminium and Steel scrap waste system exhaust
  • CNC machines
  • Elevator vacuum systems

Integrated Air Systems Ltd can also offer complete turnkey systems, designing, supplying, and installing complete oil mist and vacuum systems in the UK or worldwide.

We are a trusted Prefabricated Packaged Pump Skids partner for companies such as Ball Packaging, Crown Packaging, Belvac, MTC, DS Smith and many more companies worldwide. We would love to be yours.

To discuss your business and explore how we can help make your workplace safer, more efficient, and more productive, contact us today.

How would you benefit from Oil Mist Extractors

Maintain Power Output

Improve Workplace Air Quality

Products are Protected From Oil Vapour

Reduce Environmental Pollution

Save On Running Costs

Reducing The Amount Of Oil Lost

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