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Maurice completes the final race of the 2023 BEC at Donington Park

Blog / ​Final race at Donington Park

 26 OCTOBER 2023

The race is on

The limited range of the fuel tank of what is essentially a sprint car, dictated the race strategy for a 2-hour race, with one driver to do half an hour, pit for tyres and fuel, the 2nd driver do an hour in the middle of the race and then at the 2nd tyre and fuel stop, the first driver gets back in to do the remaining half hour.

Maurice started the race in the wet and held onto his position. The track was drying in places but with his pace, his stint was extended a bit longer. The 2 championship leaders were just ahead of 
Maurice and he was mixing it with them just before 
his pit stop.

Donington Park

With Maurice’s extremely positive progress, he recommended his teammate kept the wet tyres for the next stint. Maurice could feel that there wasn't much heat being generated in the rear tyres, causing the car to move around a bit at the rear compared to the grip at the front. The way a front wheel drive car works the tyres is different to rear wheel drive and it is essential for Maurice to understand what is happening with the car. As the conditions continued to develop and a mid-stint change to slick tyres for Maurice’s team mate, this it didn’t work out and time was lost.

The conditions were suitable for slick tyres right at the end of Maurice's team mate's hour. Maurice was handed the car in 20th place, and quickly started to recover some of the lost time, before even getting any heat into the tyres. Maurice kept setting quicker and quicker lap times, even setting a faster lap time than the car which won the overall championship!

We hope to see Maurice continue to compete next season - with his undeniable natural talent, the potential for a truly successful season is absolutely within reach. We anticipate a new season will bring a fresh start for Maurice and allow him to demonstrate his individual strengths in a much more competitive setting. 

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