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Fume Extraction

The Solution 

From paint spraying to welding, many processes within industrial settings can create extremely harmful fumes – including chemical and acid fumes. When breathed in by those in the workplace, these fumes can cause breathing problems such as asthma and even more serious long-term conditions such as cancer.

Alongside directly risking the health of employees, fume particles that are not extracted from the workplace also pose a risk to health through contamination of food, drink and pharmaceuticals – as well as possibly damaging the finish of products.

In all these instances, a fume extraction system is essential to removing airborne particles and returning clean air to the workspace. By making integratedAIR Systems your fume extraction partner, you can rest assured that your workplace is safe, protected by years of experience, dedication and high quality.

How Does a Fume Extraction System Work?

Point of Source Extraction removes the fumes straight from the source before they can dilute into the wider air space. Fumes can then be filtered and sent to atmosphere, sent to an abatement system, or simply exhausted straight to the atmosphere dependant on the type of chemicals within the fume.

Crucial to effective industrial fume extraction – and especially welding fumes extraction – is the hood. Without the right hood for the right application, you will not trap enough fume to create a safe, efficient working space. This is where integratedAIR Systems can help.