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Automated paper waste removal and collection is essential for optimising safety and production efficiency. Paper waste can clog presses, folders and guillotines posing a fire hazard and increase risks to health and safety if not properly managed.

When designing our systems, we make sure that our ducting has the correct conveyance velocity to remove the waste quickly and directly from the source. Whether removing waste paper or dust, we make sure that your systems comply with relevant environmental dust limits, regulations, and legislation for your location.

integratedAIR Systems has a wealth of combined experience in designing and installing systems for the paper industry, making our expertise in safety second to none; we have trusted connections with industry giants such as DS Smith, De La Rue and Bluetree Group.

Industrial paper and printing facility

Trim Extraction Solution

Dust Control  

Industrial HVAC

Automated Waste Handling 

Scrap and Waste Extraction 

Solutions integratedAIR Systems Supply to the Print and Paper Industry:

  • Summer / Winter Diverters
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Process Cooling Systems
  • Custom-built Hoods
  • Air Separators and Rotary Airlock Valves
  • Duct Work
  • Sound Booths
  • Chopper Fans
  • Dust and Filtration Systems
  • Edge Trim handling Systems

Paper Industry Solutions Case Studies

Air System Modification Works

integratedAIR Systems was commissioned to design and implement an extraction system for a new Ferag Unidrum and Trimmer for a large printing factory based in the North West of the UK. 

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Case studies