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Scrap, Trim and Waste Extraction

The Solution 

Wherever an industrial process produces waste, we can design systems to capture and remove it. The waste will then simply be taken away to be recycled or disposed of. Our expertise in this process is trusted for many different medias and industries such as food and beverage, paper, corrugated card or packaging and containers. Efficient industrial waste extraction in the workplace is critical to the safety of your working environment, and with over 100 years of combined engineering expertise behind us, we’re the ones to call.

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Strategically-placed extraction points are positioned near key waste-generating areas of the production process.


Waste is transported through the extraction points into a main header system, leading to waste-handling fans.


The fans keep the trim waste constantly moving throughout the system by creating the correct volume, pressure and conveying velocity to enable a rapid removal of material right from the source.


The scrap is then ready to be removed or recycled – the removal point (typically a baler or compactor) is positioned within the facility for quick and efficient access for removal or transport.

How do Production Waste Extraction Systems Work?

A typical waste removal system uses extraction points strategically positioned near key waste-generating areas of your production process. Each extraction point is connected to a main header system, which leads back to waste-handling fans. These fans create the correct volume, pressure and conveying velocity within the system to keep the trim waste constantly moving, enabling the waste removal system to rapidly remove the material right from the source.


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General Paper

Paper Trim Extraction

Automated paper waste removal and collection can have a major impact on safety and production efficiency. Without its removal, paper waste can be a fire hazard or increase risks to health and safety. It can also clog presses, folders and guillotines, reducing efficiency as it increases operating costs.

integratedAIR systems automatically handle the collection, conveying and compacting of trim, removing waste and risk from the printing floor and helping to protect your production efficiency. The waste will be collected in a central waste removal system to then be compacted and baled, ready for recycling or removal.

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Corrugated & Carton Board

Corrugated & Carton Board

Edge trim removal can be particularly challenging when dealing with corrugated or carton board materials. Corrugated board is often thick and heavy, and as the trim is removed it can create endless, unmanageable strips. On a fast-moving production line, it’s vital that your extraction system can not only handle the collection and removal of the scrap waste but chop and bale the corrugated trim, so conveying and compacting is easier. 

With heavy-duty ductwork, a high-speed air stream and chopper fans to reduce the size of individual pieces of carton waste, our automated carton board packaging removal systems will keep your production area waste-free. The reclaimed carton waste can then be compacted and baled, ready for recycling or removal. 

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Beverage Can

Beverage Can Waste 

Your production facility has multiple points where aluminium waste can be created: from presses to trimmers to reject points. integratedAIR Systems produces whole-floor waste extraction air systems to enable the automatic removal of drinks can waste. 

All our systems are custom built with durability and efficiency in mind. With Heavy-duty ductwork to ensure the system remains robust, we can add choppers and separators to make sorting, compacting and recycling materials more straightforward and cost-effective.

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Foil Waste

Foil Waste Extraction

Automatically remove foil, film and other waste from your food production and you boost productivity and efficiency while reducing the need for manual interventions.

Our air systems achieve that with powerful waste trim collection hoods which maximise extraction, maximise waste collection and maximise the amount of waste compacted and sent for recycling.

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