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Trim Extraction Solutions

Our Solution 

integratedAIR delivers custom-built trim extraction solutions to every client, maximising their production efficiency and reducing costs. Effective trim handling also helps to improve recycling efforts, turning inevitable waste into business profit.  

Our experienced engineers are well-versed in working on both large-scale global trim handling projects and local jobs. We also assign a dedicated project manager to the job as standard, ensuring timely project delivery to reduce business downtime. 

Edge trim extraction solution

Edge Trim

integratedAIR extraction systems are perfect for handling edging and trimmings in high-performance plants and processing equipment.

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Continuous Trim 

Our solutions ensure our client can concentrate entirely on production operations with a fully automated trim extraction system.

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How Do Our Trim Extraction Solutions Work? 

Waste-handling fans use volume, pressure, and conveying velocity to move the waste through the trim removal system. Working with speed and precision, workplace efficiency is never compromised.

Which Industries are our Trim Extraction Solutions Suitable For?

Beverage Can

There are multiple touchpoints in production where aluminium waste will occur. integratedAIR’s trim removal system automatically removes all waste and can be customised with choppers and separators for increased efficiency when compacting and recycling.

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Corrugated Board and Card 

Due to the thick and heavy nature of corrugated board and card, it is important that the ducting and conveyance velocity is correct to ensure no blockages occur from the edge trim. Our solution ensures a clean work environment by removing the trim from the source, effortlessly conveying the waste to our air separators to be sorted or recycled.

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Packaging & Containers

Removing foil, film, and other waste to boost efficiency and reduce manual intervention can seem like a challenge, but integratedAIR makes trim waste management easy. We use custom hoods to ensure effective trim extraction, decreased manual handling, and improved recycling procedures. 

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Paper & Commercial Print

Trim extraction systems for paper help eliminate fire hazards, improve health and safety, and maximise the efficiency of your equipment. Our solutions effectively handle the collection, conveying, compacting, and baling of paper waste.

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