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Continuous Trim 
Extraction Solutions

The Solution 

integratedAIR Systems offer ​continuous trim extraction solutions to all clients. Our professional engineers can design and install a system with extraction points designed with your existing process in mind. 

Our Team can help you create the most efficient system to seamlessly integrate with your existing machinery, delivering optimum results without compromising on space. 

Continuous trim extraction for label maker

How can integratedAIR Systems cut trim solutions benefit your workplace?

Our ​continuous trim extraction solutions convey waste with unrivalled ease, removing it right at the source. Our systems are designed to minimise manual labour, keep your workplace tidy, and enhance production capacity. Let us help you save on labour costs, improve health and safety, and help your manufacturing business succeed. 

Which Industries are our Trim Extraction Solutions Suitable For?

Beverage Can

There are multiple touchpoints in production where aluminium waste will occur. integratedAIR’s trim removal system automatically removes all waste and can be customised with choppers and separators for increased efficiency when compacting and recycling.

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Corrugated Board 

Corrugated boards are thick and heavy, meaning the continuous trim can get caught up in your machine and compromise productivity with to unnecessary downtime. Cut trim extraction systems keep machinery free of debris, lowering risk and boosting productivity. 

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Plastic Packaging

For plastic film, cut trim extraction solutions reduce clogging and downtime of machinery to improve overall efficiency in production.  

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Paper & Commercial Print

Waste paper in your workplace can cause slip hazards and fire risks if not dealt with correctly and straight from the source. By quickly removing cut paper trims, we ensure minimal health and safety risks, as well as greater efficiency. 

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