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Industrial HVAC Systems

The Solution 

Manufacturing processes can often result in a large build-up of heat, sometimes in excess of what is practical for workers to efficiently or safely work in. Because of this, industrial HVACs are essential systems for industries of all sizes and services. integratedAIR Systems has installed industrial HVAC systems for clients in various industries, implementing high-standard bespoke units with dedicated customer service and specialist knowledge; proving time and time again that we are the provider of choice.

By making integratedAIR Systems your industrial HVAC provider, your system will not only cool down high temperature areas, but reuse the useful energy generated in other areas of the building, such as office spaces. As well as providing a safe workplace, this ensures that your business will use less energy, saving money and crucially reducing your environmental impact.

How do Industrial HVAC Control Systems Work?

Factory HVAC systems can be used in any facility that needs warming up or cooling down, or where air changes and improved air flow is required. Typically, we mount one or multiple Air Handling Unit’s (AHU) at an elevated position within your facility. These units, coupled with a ducting system, processes the air and distributes it to air vents, strategically positioned throughout the facility. An additional benefit of a balanced system is maintaining a positive pressure within the building envelope to reduce the risk of contamination from outside airflow into the facility when processes exhaust internal, ambient air to atmosphere. Without making up the air the internal spaces become negatively pressurised.

We also offer industrial sized roof exhaust fans which, coupled with an air input system, are an effective solution to a multitude of issues, such as cooling during summer and air flow problems.

If your workplace suffers from more extreme heat build-up, we can provide evaporative and direct expansion (DX– Refrigerant) air cooling systems to rapidly cool hot air, ensuring safety and comfort for your employees.