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Industrial HVAC Systems

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Many industrial processes produce excess heat; this is often dispersed to the nearby working environment, and can increase the temperature to an uncomfortable or unsafe level for workers. 

Industrial workplaces of all sizes and services can benefit from Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems, from operators of machinery which produces excess heat to workplaces which get below the temperature of 16°C recommended by the HSE during the winter months.

integratedAIR Systems can design, manufacture, install, and commission a cost-effective solution based on your unique HVAC requirements.

How do industrial HVAC control systems work?

Industrial HVAC systems can be used in any facility that needs warming up, cooling down, improved or changed air flow. 

Typically, we mount one or more Air Handling Unit’s (AHU) at an elevated position within your facility. These units, coupled with a ducting system, processes the air and distribute it to air vents strategically positioned throughout the facility. An additional benefit of this balanced system is the maintenance of positive pressure within the building envelope to reduce the risk of outside airflow contaminating your facility.

We also offer industrial roof exhaust fans which, when coupled with an air input system, are an effective solution to cooling during summer and other air flow problems.

If your workplace suffers from a more extreme heat build-up, we can provide evaporative and direct expansion (DX– Refrigerant) air cooling systems to rapidly cool hot air, ensuring the maximum level of safety and comfort for your employees.