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What is Industrial HVAC?

All you need to know about industrial HVAC solutions

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 29 MARCH 2023

What is the difference between industrial and commercial HVAC

Industrial and commercial HVAC systems have many similarities. Both types of systems provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services, but the main difference is the size and complexity. 


Industrial HVAC systems are typically much larger and more complex than commercial HVAC systems. They are designed to handle larger and more extreme temperature changes due to the size of the buildings. Commercial HVAC systems, on the other hand, are typically smaller and less complex coming is standard size units. They are typically designed for more moderate temperature changes and less hazardous environments whilst achieving the correct level of Indoor Air Quality.


Industrial HVAC systems can be designed to handle more extreme environments, such as excessive heat generation from equipment, toxic fumes and cleaner critical areas. That's why it is important to contact an experienced company when you are looking for ventilation, cooling, heating or air conditioning within your industrial plant when you want to invest in or replace a system.


Commercial systems depending of their size and be placed inside or outside of buildings or on the roof. Industrial HVAC units are typically placed outdoors on the roof or near the facility. They tend to be a lot larger and require the external space. This is to generate a larger volume of air to be pulled through the HVAC system due to the area required. Generally, these are placed on the roof, however you need to ensure that the roof can withstand the weight of the equipment.

Depending on the use, industrial HVAC systems often require more maintenance and upkeep than commercial systems due to the scale of the systems and legislation in the workplace. This could be to protect the manufacturing process from contamination or simply to improve the indoor environment for your work force. integratedAIR have the knowledge and skills to guide you through the best options for your HVAC system to ensure you have the most energy efficient and cost-effective solution whilst also following guidance for compliancy for your unique requirements. They also offer maintenance and spare parts for all the solutions they provide.

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