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Prefabricated Packaged 
Pump Skids

The Solution 

Many LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water), process cooling systems require a pumping system with standby functionality. Some also require expansion vessels, dosing capacity and automatic top-up for maintaining system pressure – as well as this, circuit control via flow, pressure or temperature and conductivity monitoring is often required.

With integratedAIR Systems, all of this can be built into a single, prefabricated pumping skid with a PLC control panel to operate the system. The controls can be pre-wired and tested on the skid to ensure a system is delivered that you as the client can simply plug and play for ease of use.

How Does a Prefabricated Packaged Pump Skid Work

Inline or end suction pumps, designed to the correct system pressure and flow requirements of your machinery, are installed. These typically consist of the base, pipework, ancillary equipment such as valves, dirt and air separators and fill units.

For ease of use, a control panel can also be integrated and mounted onto the base. The pumps and all instrumentation are prewired and pre-tested so the skid can be simply integrated into any pipework system. Pumps will then be operated as required by pumping the fluid around the circuit it has been integrated into.