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Oil Mist Elimination

The Solution 

For many workplaces, machine oil is used as the lubricant or coolant that keeps parts from wearing, saving time and money by decreasing the need for repairs. However, one of the inevitable by-products of pumps, compressors, turbines and other machines using oil is oil mist.

integratedAIR Systems can also offer complete turnkey systems, designing, supplying, and installing complete oil mist and vacuum systems in the UK and worldwide.

How does and Oil Mist Collector Work?

Oil mist extraction systems eliminate up to 99.5% of oil particulates from equipment discharge – this is operated by a 3 or 4 stage filtration system. Oil collected by these filters can then be returned to the system for their original use. This method greatly reduces oil waste and cuts operation costs.

Variations in industrial processes mean that residual oil droplets may also be produced alongside oil mists. To combat this, liquid and droplet separation techniques can be implemented before the final stage of the filtration system.

Each system is designed with maintenance in mind, with replaceable elements throughout. In addition to the particulate filtration, activated carbon filters can also be added to the process to negate any odour in the air stream. This is particularly useful for food production environments where frying takes place.