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Aluminium Scrap Extraction System for beverage can manufacturing plant  

Case Study - ​ Czech Republic

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15 January 2024

Future Capacity

The addition of production line three was planned in advance by our client, and the system was suitably adjusted by integratedAIR Systems to meet the anticipated future demand for aluminium cans in Central Europe. This facility was designed with the potential to house up to four production lines, significantly increasing the future capacity required from the scrap and HVAC system.

integratedAIR Systems have worked closely with this client to ensure all future expansion is accounted for in the current system design, and the facility is prepared to house any new system requirements as the range of products our client manufactures increases and new production methods are developed.

HVAC System

This system required a significant quantity of air; the facility is over 120,000 m2 with both office and production space. 

There is currently potential for three production lines running at once, each producing varying levels of heat with various process exhausts removing air from the facility. Our solution comprised of spot cooling, ventilation, and make-up air systems to provide a cost effective and efficient system. 

Industrial HVAC

Trim Extraction

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