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The Future of the Beverage Can Manufacturing Industry

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 23 MARCH 2023


At the begin of the pandemic there was significant disruption to the supply chain of aluminium beverage cans, with mining and transportation of raw materials as well as the recycling of aluminium being disrupted causing a shortage in supply. 

As the effects of the pandemic subsided and trade was able to open up again, the beverage can industry was at the forefront of evolving demand for the global population. Beverages that could be consumed at home such as coffee, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and juices were in high demand. 

Future Predictions

The beverage can industry is predicted to be worth 36.59 billion USD by 2027. Key companies driving this growth are innovating new designs and solutions for aluminium beverage containers to appeal to consumers as well as producers of soft, alcoholic, juice, and other beverages.

The potential growth for this industry is incredible, with recycling methods only becoming more sophisticated and energy-efficient; for the period 2024-2032 the expected CAGR is 5.3%, giving confidence to manufacturers and investors in the continuous growth of this market over the coming years.   

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