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Turnkey dust extraction and filtration at British Offsite

Case Study - ​ Braintree, UK

Blog / ​​ British Offsite

18 September 2023


A sophisticated ducting line system and waste handling fans were meticulously designed in collaboration with integratedAIR to work in synergy with Randek's advanced robotic system; this allows efficient extraction of dust from worktables whilst also managing larger offcuts of plasterboard through a shredder and vacuum system. The orchestration of these components is vital as the shredder's operation is intricately linked to the robotic system's functioning to ensure harmonious operation.

The ducting, a crucial component of the system, is crafted from fully-welded premium piping. This ensures airtight integrity as the ducting spans across the factory at ceiling level. Adhering to client specifications, the height of the ducting leaving the factory was thoughtfully adjusted, while maintaining the optimal velocity and performance of the system.

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