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Bespoke solutions for beverage can manufacturer in Rugby, UK

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 28 MAY 2024

Heating and Cooling

integratedAIR had previously installed Spot Cooling solutions at this facility targeting specific workstations, however excess heat within the facility significantly reduced the efficiency of these systems. 

In addition to this, as this heat dispersed it increased the ambient air temperature across the facility causing health and safety concerns for operators and workers at all stages of the production line. 

integratedAIR have decades of experience in bespoke HVAC solutions, especially in the metal packaging industry, and were able to offer a comprehensive solution to reducing excess heat.

Bespoke HVAC Solutions

Our Team designed bespoke a ductwork solution surrounding the air compressor to ensure cooler air was taken in from outside the facility to improve the efficiency of the air compressor. Utilising air from the internal atmosphere provides inefficient cooling, and exhausting internally further increases the air temperature in the facility, especially to surrounding workstations.

In addition to this, a separate run of ducting directed warm exhaust air away from decorated cans on the production line, and utilised a summer/winter diverter which directs the warm exhaust air to atmosphere when internal temperature is high, or directs it within the facility if the temperature becomes too low.

The exhaust vent utilised distribution grilles to disperse the warm air across the facility and is placed at a high level to ensure the floor of the facility was not disturbed by the airflow.

Additional Systems 

Our Team also designed and installed an additional whole can, high-level energised collection hopper for depalletised reject cans.

When palletised decorated cans are found to be faulty or damaged, the volume of material to be scrapped is significantly higher than the volume typically taken by a standard sweep-up station, requiring a bespoke solution to intermittently provide high-level conveyance. This was directed to a scrap system allowing aluminium to be baled and recycled for future use. 

The client also asked integratedAIR Systems to improve the access to the Ink Mist and Over Varnish mezzanine; our team were able to relocate two fans on this mezzanine and redesign the associated ducting to improve workers access to vital machinery. 

The layout of the facility required significant planning for this relocation to be carried out, and the client worked cohesively with our installation team to ensure minimal interruptions to production with a comprehensive relocation successfully completed. 

Beverage Can Manufacturing Industry

The Team were pleased with the results of this highly bespoke solution, and the client was able to continue manufacturing metal packaging solutions with significant improvements to the atmosphere and accessibility of the facility. 

integratedAIR Systems can provide systems for air conveyance, dust control, HVAC, and a range of other requirements for facilities of all sizes and processes; our Team will work closely with you to provide a bespoke solution that meets your exact requirements.

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