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First Canning Plant 
in Kazakhstan 

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Blog / ​First Can Plant in Kazakhstan

 5 Apri 2022

Air filtration

The exhaust air from both conveying systems is filtered, and line scrap air goes through one of our mist eliminator units with clean air exhausting to atmosphere. The whole can system air is filtered through a bag filter system with a summer/winter divert so that air can be exhausted to atmosphere in the summer months and diverted back inside during winter months to help heat the plant.

Ink Mist

A new main header duct for the ink mist exhaust is positioned at a high level just to one side of the machine. Into this, eight flexible connectors run from the supplied inker hoods.

The main header duct runs down towards the end of the machine and then turn upwards to connect into a new two-stage ink mist filter unit mounted on the mezzanine in this area.

Trim Extraction

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