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Dust extraction system at
corrugated board facility

Case Study - Stockport, UK

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 19 DECEMBER 2023

Errant Dust

The dust produced in the manufacturing process was causing a multitude of issues for this client;

A comprehensive solution

Our Team were able to design a system to convey dust particles directly from the source through high-quality ducting into one of our BlueClean® VT Filter Units. 

Our BlueClean® VT Filter Unit utilises reverse-jet cleaning technology to clean the vertical tubular bag filters to minimise workers exposure to harmful or irritating dusts. In addition to this, an externally placed control panel allows operators to easily monitor and control the reverse-jet cleaning system to ensure optimum function.

Following separation from the airstream by the filter unit, the dust will drop down into a waste container mounted on a pallet truck to ensure quick and easy disposal. A filter isolating valve placed above this bin will ensure the waste product can be removed whilst the system is still running, minimising downtime and ensuring high levels of productivity can be maintained throughout the year. 

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