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Scrap, Dust & Oil Mist Extraction in Salt Lake City

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Blog / ​Salt Lake City, USA

 26 AUGUST 2022

Bodymaker Oil Mist Systems

Fumes are collected from either 8 bodymakers in the 4-stage oil mist unit; a screen plate section, coalescer section, droplet separator section and carbon filter section. The exhaust air is put back into the production area or to atmosphere via a stack by others.

How Oil Mist systems Work

The screen plate section at the front of the unit removes the majority of liquid entering it. The incoming air is deflected off the screen plate towards the down steam coalescer section whilst liquid and large droplets drain through the screen and are trapped in the dead area underneath it from where they are drained from the unit

.The coalescer section traps larger droplets in the air stream, which run down the face into the sump below. The remaining droplets in the airstream are combined into larger droplets as they pass through the main mass of the coalescer and then onto the droplet separator section arranged behind it. The airflow is subjected to a succession of sharp turns in the droplet separator section, which throws the remaining oil particles out onto the surfaces of the vanes, where they become trapped in vertical drainage channels leading down to the sump below.

The carbon filter section is the final barrier resisting the passage of any droplets of oil through the unit. It also removes odour from the air steam allowing the air to be recycled back into the production area.

The unit has an automatic water wash-down system with spray bars arranged in front of the coalescer section. This operates periodically once a day to clean the build-up of oil film and aluminium particles from the surfaces inside the unit. An inline oil separator has also been installed horizontally within the ducting, helping to remove a vast amount of carryover.

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