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Maurice at Silverstone 2023

Maurice's car is the talk of the paddock, but there’s still a long way to go!

Blog / ​Maurice at Silverstone 2023

 4 APRIL 2023

The Audi S3 BTCC

Maurice reflects on his first weekend of racing, "This weekend was really about adapting to a new car and it was amazing, super-fast. When I first jumped in, I was like, 'man, this is unreal!' I've never been in a race car with such speed and jumping in at the deep end, with my first experience being on the extremely fast Silverstone GP layout. I felt comfortable getting to grips with the Audi S3 BTCC; it's got a lot of grip and everything is so fast and raw. It's crazy having to adapt to the increased pace, which affects the physical demands of racing."
It is quite an undertaking adapting a car designed for short distances to race over an endurance distance, considering things such as; cooling, brake pad wear, tyre wear etc. For this reason, the car grabbed a lot of attention in the paddock.

The Race Day at Silverstone

"It was amazing to get out racing again. The main thing is to be back on track; it felt right to be back in that environment with the Team. I did the first installation laps in the dry, and then we had wet conditions for the rest of the Friday practice. The Team was impressed with the times I achieved and how quickly I got to grips with the basics and understanding the car." Maurice continues.
Due to experience, Daryl was put in to qualify and secured 5th place for the race. Silverstone was the longest and most demanding race on the car, with long straights running a long time in top gear. The plan was for the drivers to run alternate stints. Daryl completed the first stint and then handed over to Maurice, who completed a good run before coming to a halt. There will be some learning developments along the way to ensure the car can endure distance races for the rest of the season, but it is a fantastic project that Maurice is excited to be a part of.

Maurice's lap times were consistently improving, learning in the race how much he could push on slick tyres, having never driven on slicks in Ginetta Junior. He passed cars in the race and was then closing down on another before he was forced to retire from the race, but having completed a sufficient distance; they were still classified and picked up points and 3rd in class trophy.

Finally, we asked Maurice how he feels about the coming weeks of racing. "I'm really happy cause it's only up from here. We have a test day booked in the easter holidays and looking forward to working hard with the Team to understand and develop the car."
Maurice will be at several events with the Team throughout the season. The championship continues on the 22nd of April at Brands Hatch and will be available to watch live on YouTube.

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