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Heat and Moisture Extraction for Corrugated Board Manufacturing at Ribble Packaging  

Case Study - ​ Oldham, UK

Blog / ​​ Ribble Packaging Heat Extraction

7 September 2023


integratedAIR Systems delivered a comprehensive duct and fan system that encompassed design, provisioning, and seamless installation. The core of this corrugated system now has a dedicated solution to expelling heat and moisture within the small area. Correctly installed extraction is essential to the corrugated production directing the exhaust elements outdoors to promote the correct functionality of all systems.

Recognising the reverberating impact of noise pollution, at the customer’s request integratedAIR also installed additional ducting and silencer for the main line corrugator to reduce noise pollution to the surrounding environment.


The client was extremely pleased with the quality of system and service provided by the integratedAIR Team. Chris Blaylock from Ribble Packaging LTD reached out to give a glowing testimonial; 

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