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Skeleton and Slugs 
Extraction System

Case Study - Kentucky, USA

Blog / ​Skeleton and slug extraction system

 26 AUGUST 2022

Skeleton Ends Scrap System

The skeleton scrap system extracts from one point on each conversion press and shell press. The scrap extracted is then transported through an air system to the baling area, where the conveying fans are positioned. These fans convey the skeleton scrap to an air separator that feeds the baler below via a drop chute.

We installed diverters to the outlets of the scrap stream so scrap can be directed to a by-pass tundish and sent to dump containers outside.

Slug Ends Scrap System

Slug scrap is extracted from one point on each conversion press and conveyed to the baling area through a second air system. The conveying fans are connected to the cyclone, allowing the small slugs to drop out of the airstream through cyclonic technology; the slugs drop out into a collection box below.  

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