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Experts in Air Conveyance, Extraction Solutions, and Process Cooling

Looking for a Recycling, Extraction or Air Conveyance Solution?

Integrated Air Systems Ltd is a market-leading project engineering company, specialising in the design, manufacture, installation, & commissioning of air conveyance systems. From dust, fume, and waste extraction to industrial ventilation and air filtration systems, we can provide a bespoke solution to meet your unique needs.

Waste Extraction Solutions

We can design systems to capture and remove all types of waste produced in industrial processes. Our waste extraction solutions are used globally, across a wide range of industries and applications.


Oil Mist Elimination

It is essential for any business which generates oil fumes to utilise a high-quality oil mist filtration system.


Ventilation Solutions

We design HVAC control systems which are tailored to your unique requirements and considerate of any other influencing factors.


Dust Extraction Systems

Your dust extraction system should seamlessly integrate with your equipment, and be able to handle dust types specific to your industry. integratedAIR can design a bespoke system to give you the most efficient and effective dust control for your process.

System Design Dust Filter Units

Latest News

Aluminium Scrap Extraction System in the Czech Republic

"​integratedAIR Systems have worked closely with this client to ensure all future expansion is accounted for in the current system design, and the facility is prepared to house any new system requirements."

Dust Extraction at Corrugated Board Facility

"It is always a pleasure to work with local businesses to ensure longevity and sustainability of their enterprise and we look forward to working with our client in the future as their business continues to grow."

The Canmaker Editorial - Scrap Management and Recycling

"​​We are proud to have been awarded a significant recycling system project for a cutting-edge aluminium beverage can plant based in the UK."